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For those of you that are new here, JJ Cale is a blues musician from Tulsa, OK. He had been releasing solo albums for over 35 years. Starting with his first, titled ‘Naturally’, in 1971,and final album before his death, ‘Roll On’, released in 2009. Cale has released 16 albums between then and 2009, with long breaks in between each release.

JJ Cale wrote songs which were made famous by other musicians. For example, he wrote ‘After Midnight’, ‘Cocaine’, ‘I’ll Make Love To You Anytime’ and the recent hit ‘Travelin’ Light’ covered by Eric Clapton. Cale songs covered by others include ‘Call me the Breeze’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Allman Brothers Band, ‘Sensitive Kind’ by Santana and John Mayall, ‘Cajun Moon’ by Herbie Mann/Cissy Houston and several by Widespread Panic.

In 2006, JJ Cale collaborated with Eric Clapton on a new album called “Road to Escondido”. This has been a long awaited project, as the only other Cale/Clapton release was two songs from the 2004 Eric Clapton Crossroads Benefit Concert in Dallas, TX. They had played together long ago, but nothing officially released. The new album has been heavily marketed, including spots on CBS’ morning show, promotional videos on Amazon.com, and a commercial for MP3 players in the states. A definite dream come true for many Cale fans.

Cale’s “laid-back” style is his unique trademark. While his newer albums concentrate less on real musicians and more on drum machines, his overall sound remains the same old Cale. A unique blend of shuffle, blues and jazz. Many consider Cale the founder of the ‘Tulsa Sound’. For more information on JJ Cale, please proceed to view the rest of the site. If you have information to share, modify or reject, please feel free to write us.

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